Clean, spotless windows are perfect to look through.

If your windows are left alone, they become filled with spots, debris, dust, and become unsightly. If you need your windows cleaned right and want them to stay that way, you need a professional window cleaning team.

Since 2004, Trustworthy Cleaning Services has washed and cleaned windows spotless. Using eco-friendly chemicals along with unparalleled training, the Trustworthy team truly lives up to their name.

Our Process

  1. We remove the screens from the inside of the house. We then scrub and vacuum the window tracks.
  2. We then clean the glass with an eco-friendly soap that is totally safe to use on window tinting.
  3. We use a no-drip method, and we carry our buckets around on a drop-canvas. After we detail the inside windows, we move outside.
  4. On the outside, we shampoo the screens with a special solution that revitalizes the screen. After that, we let the screens dry.
  5. On the exterior windows, we clean the window frames first, then clean the glass.
  6. If there are any bug marks, leftover paint, or other debris, we either use a window scraper with stainless steel blades or fine steel wool. This process ensures that your windows will look like new and free from scratch.
  7. We re-wet the window and sponge it clean. After detailing the edges with a special lint-free linen, your windows will be sparkling from edge to edge.

We take pride in the quality of our work, and all the services we provide are guaranteed to leave you satisfied. Every blemish, stain, and fingerprint will be instantly cleaned. Our company is completely insured for client’s peace of mind.

Take note: we offer window cleaning discounts for customers who maintain their windows regularly. If you hire our expertise, we can discuss a personalized window cleaning program for you. We service windows in the greater Austin area, so don’t hesitate to call us at (512)350-9727!

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