Both homeowners and renters often find themselves with the same problem: they just don’t have the time and energy to dust, disinfect, mop, scrub, sweep and vacuum with everything else on their plate.

That’s why Trustworthy Cleaning Services offers affordable apartment cleaning services to help all Austinites feel at home with a comfortable and clean living space. We’re the premier maid and cleaning service in the Austin area, and we have all the tools and know-how we need to get your place looking sparkling clean with zero effort on your part.

Our Most Popular Apartment Cleaning Services:

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One Time Cleaning for Apartments

Our one time cleaning allows for every aspect of every part of your apartment to be tended to, ensuring a spotless and tidy space. Your kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, will sparkle!

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Move In/Move Out Cleaning Services

Moving is one of the worst downsides of living in an Austin apartment. It’s time-consuming to find your next apartment, update your accounts with utilities providers, file a change of address, among many other moving chores. With so much going on, who has time to clean while they pack up their apartment? Recruit us for your move-out or move-in cleaning.

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Weekly Cleaning Services

We’ll sweep, vacuum, dust, disinfect, and take out the trash each week so you don’t have to. If weekly is too much, we can set it up for a bi- weekly, monthly, or recurring basis.

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